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  • Add: Guanghua town,Xiangdong Xiabu Industrial Zone,Pingxiang City,Jiangxi,PR337022 China.
  • Tel: 86-799-6332261
  • Fax: 86-799-6336630
  • Email: info@chemical-packings.com

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PINGXIANG KEXING CHEMICAL PACKING CO.,LTD in Guanghua town ceramics base is a mass transfer technology company that develops, manufactures, installs, transports and supports a wide range of mass transfer equipments and ceramic products for modern chemical processing industry, water treatment industry, petrochemical industry, high temperature combustion technology etc.  Founded in 2000,Our Ceramic 's production is based in Guanghua town,Xiangdong Xiabu industrial base,Pingxiang city,Jiangxi proviince,China ,own UK company and Hongkong brother company.