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About Us

PINGXIANG KEXING CHEMICAL PACKING CO.,LTD  is a mass transfer technology company that develops, manufactures, installs, transports and supports a wide range of mass transfer equipments and ceramic products for modern chemical processing industry, water treatment industry, petrochemical industry, high temperature combustion technology etc.  Founded in 2000,Kexing  has own sales office in UK , its production is based in Xiangdong Xiabu industrial base,Pingxiang city,Jiangxi proviince,China .
The main manufacture products are:5000 tons Activated alumina & Molecular sieves&Silica gel, 20000m3 Plastic/metal/ceramic chemical packing ,3000m3 honeycomb ceramic and 6000 m3 Inert alumina balls etc used in all types of petrochemical & chemical processes and environmental applications, and Alumina Grinding Balls & Lining Bricks used as grinding media.
We are not only promoting our product, also emphasize on providing professional technique and good service. Customer’s satisfaction and prompt delivery are two points that never change. Good reputation is our strong backbone. Because of this, we maintain our reputation with excellent quality and prompt delivery service. We sincerely hope we have a long-term cooperation with mutual benefits; the common benefits between us can reach the biggest intersection.
We have a skilled responsible and committed team work that will ensure your requirements will be met promptly and fully. 
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KEXING CHEMICAL PACKING CO.,LTD  , a reliable partner who will create a beautiful future with you together!